Interactive navigation of the sub-cellular proteome

Searching for your proteins of interest and critically assessing the reliability of the localisation information.

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Proteome-wide interactive spatial maps

We provide on-line browseable proteome-wide spatial maps at your fingertips. This resource offers direct access to the data and visualisation software of the state-of-the-art pRoloc suite of Bioconductor packages. Choose from a set of datasets, and navigate and search the sub-cellular proteomics map using interactive interfaces.

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Software infrastructure


Managing and processing quantitative proteomics data and its meta-data.


All the machine learning you need to analyse and comprehend your spatial proteomics data.


Interactive visualisation and exploration of spatial proteomics data.


All the data readily formatted, ready to be analysed and visualised.

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This resource stems from research performed in the Computational Proteomics Unit and the Cambridge Centre for Proteomics at the University of Cambridge.